Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
The European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) offers the Travel Award as an opportunity for IBD Nurses to visit a different Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Centre in Europe and to observe and learn from IBD nursing services of another centre. IBD Nurses have the possibility
  • to visit a centre in another country OR
  • to visit a different centre located in their own country.
  • Lloc de presentació
    El personal de l'IMIM i PSMAR que necessiteu més informació adreceu-vos a:
    Servei de Recerca. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.05.76.
    Marta López: Ext.: 1576
    Carol Barnwell: Ext.1670
    Convocatòria (URL)
    In order to be eligible:
  • N-ECCO Travel Award applicants and their host supervisors need to be ECCO Members (at the time of application).
  • N-ECCO Travel Award applicants are not limited to the ECCO Member Countries and can apply from non-European countries.
  • The candidate and hosting nurse should have a reasonable command of the English language (written and oral).
  • N-ECCO Travel Awards aim to enhance the opportunity for IBD Nurses to visit European centres. They are not designed to support travel to congresses or meetings.
  • The principal purpose of the Travel Awards is to enhance the fabric of ECCO. Exceptional circumstances such as an applicant from an ECCO Member Country travelling to a non-member country will be considered, but such an application is likely to receive a lower priority than an applicant from a non-member country visiting an ECCO Member Country.
  • Members of ECCO Committees are excluded from applying.
  • Dotació
    1.500 €
    Between 2 weeks and 3 months.
  • CV of the Travel Award candidate (incl. name, full contact details, ECCO Member ID number)
  • Provide a letter of permission from the Head of Department of the hosting centre.
  • Provide a letter of confirmation from the Head of Department of the current employer/institute.
  • The purpose of the visit needs to be stated in detail (incl. time/dates and duration of the visit) and clear learning objectives are to be provided.
  • Arxius

    2020_MASTER_N-ECCO_Travel Award_Fact_Sheet.pdf