Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
Funding for excellent young researchers promoting innovative ideas and supporting high quality research projects covering basic and clinical science projects related to rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMD).
Característiques principals
FOREUM career research grants are intended to fund excellent young scientists with an already existing track record in RMD research. The grant aims at supporting the initiation of an innovative independent research project for a period of maximal 36 months that allows sustained career development of the applicant to become a future group leader.
Lloc de presentació
IMIM and PSMAR staff who need more information should contact::
Competitive Funding. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.04.00.
Carol Barnwell: Ext.: 1670
Marta López: Ext.: 1576
Convocatòria (URL)
The applicant must be a talented early-career scientist who has already produced high-level supervised work. She/he must be an MD or PhD, who is appropriately linked to RMD research in Europe. It is anticipated that applicants can work independently and have the potential to become a research leader in the RMD research community. The applicant must be awarded her/his PhD or MD no longer than 8 years ago. Maternity or paternity leaves will be considered. The researcher’s institution must declare how it intends to support the applicant with respect to her/his position, protected research time, lab space or access the clinical data. Integrating knowledge, experiences and techniques from other European centers involved in RMD research is also stimulated. Participation of patient research partners is strongly encouraged to underline the importance of the project for the patients.
3 years
  • Letter of intent (LoI) by 27 February 2022
  • Full proposal by 24 April 2022 by invitation only
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