Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
Funding for charitable activities including – but not limited to - in person, hybrid or virtual meetings, workshops and conferences in the fields relevant to The Company of Biologists' journals.
Característiques principals
Scientific meeting Grants
The grant can cover expenses such as a plenary or keynote speaker, assistance with travel for early-career researchers, or to reduce (or waive) registration fees. Priority will be given to applications where organisers include a virtual element, promoting inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability.
Sustainable Conferencing Grants
Applications are invited from the organisers of a wide range of activities, including (but not limited to): meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, training and networking in the fields covered by our journals. Organisers are encouraged to come forward with innovative ideas, for example:
  • Ideas that will reduce travel requirements and increase accessibility and inclusivity;
  • Ideas that will improve interaction opportunities for geographically diverse participants;
  • Ideas that will improve the ‘human’ experience of virtual meetings.conferences, seminars, training and networking.
  • Lloc de presentació
    IMIM and PSMAR staff who need more information should contact::
    Competitive Funding. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.04.00.
    Carol Barnwell: Ext.: 1670
    Marta López: Ext.: 1576
    Convocatòria (URL)
    Informació addicional
    The deadlines for application forms to be submitted are:
  • 7 November 2022 (decision w/c 23 January 2023)
  • Requisits
  • The individual who completes the application must be in the organising group for the event.
  • Applications from professional fundraisers and conference agencies are generally not considered.
  • Grants cannot be awarded retrospectively, with decisions taking up to 6 weeks after the deadline date.
  • Although there is no restriction on nationality, we are unable to pay awards to recipients in jurisdictions, countries or regions of the world subject to sanctions, embargoes or other political trade restrictions put in place by the United Nations, the EU or the UK.

    What will not be funded?
  • Expenditure on capital equipment and capital building proposals
  • Removal expenses
  • Undergraduate expeditions and courses
  • Prizes, e.g. posters
  • Social/political networking
  • Conference dinners/social events/refreshment breaks
  • Tuition fees
  • Payments for the employment of staff
  • Abstract books
  • Series of meetings year on year
  • Intra-institutional events, e.g. departmental seminars, etc.
  • Indirect costs
  • Field excursion costs for summer postgraduate schools/courses
  • Core costs i.e. overheads
  • Website management
  • Dotació
    Scientific Meeting Grants: up to £6,000 (relative to the number of attendees)
    Sustainable Conferencing up to £2,500


    2022-Scientific-Meeting-Sustainable-Conferencing-Grant-Handbook-v9_3_22 (1).pdf