Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
The purpose of this call is to provide funding for the conduct of research projects addressing the fundaments of one of more knowledge areas.
Característiques principals
This first call of the “Fundamentos” research program flows from the BBVA Foundation’s engagement over more than two decades with the promotion of scientific research and its transmission to society, which it sees as the best means to understand the natural and social world, while enlarging individual and collective choices and delivering effective solutions to the key challenges of the 21st century.
The research projects may belong to one or more areas of those listed below:
a. Physics, Chemistry
b. Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence
c. Biology and Biomedicine
d. Environmental Science
e. Social Sciences (Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Legal Sciences, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Linguistics)
Lloc de presentació
IMIM and PSMAR staff who need more information should contact::
Research Grants and Contracts Office. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.05.76.
Marta López: Ext.: 1576
Mercedes Bayo: Ext.: 1684
Convocatòria (URL)
Researchers applying under this call may submit one project only, and principal investigators may not currently be in receipt of any other funding (for teams or individuals) granted by the BBVA Foundation.
The principal investigator of the applicant organization, who will also serve as project coordinator, must meet the following conditions:
• Spanish national or resident in Spain in the terms envisaged in these call conditions.
• In possession of a PhD at the time of submitting the application.
• Maintain a public service or contractual employment relationship with a university institution or public or private non-profit organization engaging in research, in all cases headquartered in Spain. This relationship must persist through the period envisaged for the implementation of the project.
A maximum of 30% of all research team members may have their residence abroad.
5 grants will be awarded for a gross amount of up to 600,000 euros per project.
3 years
Applications should be written exclusively in English.
Besides the general details of the project, the coordinator must provide the following documentation via the online application form:
• Copy of the ID document or passport of the project’s principal investigators. • If the project coordinator is a national of a nonEuropean Union country, he or she should give proof of long-term residence in Spain by furnishing a copy of a current foreign national’s identity card. • If the project coordinator is a national of another European Union member state, he or she should give proof of having been resident in Spain for at least three years on the date of submitting the application, furnishing his/her registration certificate of Union citizen and a municipal certificate of residence attesting to his/her residence in Spain over the last three years.
• Project narrative, with format at the applicant’s discretion but including all of the following headings:
1/ Background and objectives.
2/ Research methodology.
3/ Experience and suitability of the research group.
4/ In the case of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary projects, a reasoned explanation of the projected contribution of each discipline.
5/ Work plan, calendar and percentage breakdown of expenditure between the participating centers.
6/ Results dissemination and utilization plan.
• Curriculum vitae of all project members, to be presented in CVN format (Spanish standardized CV).
• In the case of projects involving human experimentation, applicants should provide a favorable report or opinion from a Research Ethics Committee duly accredited by the competent body, or else a direct authorization from the latter, pursuant to Articles 12 and 16 of Spanish Law 14/2007 of July 3 on Biomedical Research.
• In the case of projects involving animal experimentation, applicants should provide a favorable report or opinion from an Ethics Committee on Animal Experimentation appointed for this purpose by the competent body,
In both cases, this report or authorization should state the title of the project (preferably coinciding with the title submitted in this call), identify the researcher in charge and provide a succinct rationale for the opinion issued.
In the budget section, please read notes of page 9 of the call.