Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
The Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso awards the Daniel Carasso Fellowship to outstanding early-stage researchers engaged in the promotion of sustainable food systems. The Fellowship consists of a research career development grant to carry out a research project at a Spanish university or research centre for a two-year period.
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Submit an application:
  • Researchers of any nationality with 2 - 7 years of research experience after completing their PhD. This means that the date of their doctoral thesis defences should fall between 18 January, 2016 and 18 January, 2021. Notwithstanding the above, nominees whose date of PhD completion is outside this timeframe, due to justified reasons, will be also considered:
    - Birth, adoption or permanent foster care: extension of one year per child.
    - Temporary incapacity of at least three months due to illness, accident or other justified causes: extension of the number of months of medical leave.
    - Leave of absence of at least three months to care for dependent persons: extension of the justified period.
  • Researchers from any area of study with an outstanding track record and who are contributing actively to the transition to the sustainability of food systems through the application of interdisciplinary and multidimensional approaches (e.g., agronomy, biology, health sciences, social sciences, art, engineering, architecture, etc.).
  • Dotació
    160,000 euros, distributed as follows: 120,000 euros to cover the salary of the awardee over a period of 24 months. This amount includes gross salary, labour costs and other potential indirect costs;
    40,000 euros to support research activities (i.e., equipment, research support staff, travel costs, registration fees and other costs related to the project).
    The application may be submitted on the online platform. Nominators must register on the online platform and submit the following information:
    A) The online application form
    B) The following documents:
    1 . Curriculum vitae of the nominee (free format in Word or PDF).
    2. Document certifying approval of the nominee’s doctoral thesis.
    3. A list and brief summary (Word or PDF) of between 5 and 10 publications, whether printed (books, scientific reviews, journal articles, and general interest magazine) or electronic (web-based, audio, video, multimedia, etc.).
    4. A PDF copy of each publication (3MB maximum per file). If it is not possible to upload your publications via the Internet, for technical reasons, please send them by email to the secretariat before the application deadline.
    5. Research project (maximum 4 pages)
    6. A nomination letter written and signed by the nominator stating the grounds on which the nomination is based and explaining how the scientific and academic career development of the fellow will be supported and enhanced (i.e., teaching tasks, ongoing and planned research projects within the group, etc.), as well as the synergies of his/her lines of research with those of the group he/she joins.
    7. Two letters of recommendation from researchers with whom the nominee has worked or collaborated on a professional level.
    Please note that the form and the documents must be submitted in English.