Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
Through two prestigious awards of €150,000 each, the Fondation ARC rewards researchers whose work has led to a major breakthrough in basic research and in translational or clinical research in oncology.
Lloc de presentació
El personal de l'IMIM i PSMAR que necessiteu més informació adreceu-vos a:
Servei de Recerca. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.05.76.
Marta López: Ext.: 1576
Carol Barnwell: Ext.: 1670
Convocatòria (URL)
  • Applications must enroll in one of the two following categories : « Basic research » or « Translational and clinical research », the maximum number of researchers per application file may not exceed six.
  • Each applicant must still be active in research at the time of the Call for application and must commit himself/herself to use the Award to pursue his/her scientific work.
  • Each applicant must be sponsored by at least 2 internationally renowed scientists, preferably not from the same institute as the candidate’s. The maximum of sponsors is set to 5.
  • The application must be filled and submitted online by the candidate himself/herself, when they obtain their recommendation letters. One sponsor may support several candidates per session. Members of Fondation ARC’s Scientific Committees and Board of Directors may not be sponsors, nominees or members of nominated teams
  • The number of applications per candidates to the Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Awards is limited to 5..
  • Dotació
    €150,000 for each category.
    The application has to be completed in English and must contain the following items:
  • The chosen prize category (ie : « Basic research » or « Translational and clinical research »)
  • The name and address of the research team’s home organization designated to receive the dedicated funds
  • A short CV in less than 6000 characters
  • A list of the honors and awards already received by the candidate
  • A summary of major scientific achievements in less than 6000 characters
  • A list of 5 key words related to the scientific work conducted
  • A list up to 20 publications of the candidate related to the research on which the nomination is based, with the reference of the 3 most significant ones.
  • 2 to 5 recommendation letters signed by internationally renowed scientists from institutes different from the applicant’s.
    Duly-completed applications must be filled and validated before October 2nd, 3 :00 PM (GMT+1) on our online platform at the following adress :
  • Arxius

    52nd Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Awards _ Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer.pdf
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