Horizon Europe – Pre-announcement of ERA4Health’s first call of proposals on Cardiovascular diseases


The new partnership ERA4Health (Fostering a European Research Area for Health), whose objective is to tackle public health needs through transational research funding, has pre-announced its first call for proposals.

The call “Research targeting development of innovative therapeutic strategies in cardiovascular disease” (CARDINNOV) will fund transnational projects that addresses one or both of the following topics:
1) Repair and/or regeneration of the heart and/or the blood vessels
2) Chronic heart failure and atrial fibrillation

The call is expected to open on December 7, 2022, with deadline on February 7, 2023 for pre-proposals and June 15, 2023 for full proposals.

You can find more information on the aims and conditions of the call at: https://era4health.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/ERA4Health-JTC2-pre-announcement-Final.pdf

IMIM researchers interested in the call, please contact cbarnwell@imim.es

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